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Who Are We?

ABS Bus (formerly known as Abwin Bus) is a leading automotive solutions provider in Singapore, established in 2007 by Edward and Joseph.

As industry veterans, the duo have always believed in values of safety, quality and total automotive solutions. That is why ABS Bus is well-established in the commercial vehicle scene, providing a full suite of services for new and used cars, buses, lorries and vans. We are also proud to be appointed the exclusive authorised distributors for Golden Dragon buses – one of China’s top bus manufacturers – and SinoTruk commercial lorries. Aside from Golden Dragon buses and Sinotruk, ABS provides a wide fleet of vehicles for purchase and rental (through ABS Leasing).

Our commitment to total automotive solutions also led us to set up our in-house workshop, JJE Auto Care Pte Ltd in 2007 and financing wing, ABS Financing Pte Ltd in 2017.

The experienced technicians at JJE Auto Care take care of all our vehicles to ensure they are regularly and properly maintained. As authorised distributor and parallel importer, spare parts are readily available. This in-house workshop is what allows all ABS-sold vehicles to come with a comprehensive servicing package and warranty.

In addition, ABS Financing provides for all your vehicle financing needs, including loans, hire purchase and motor insurance.

Not sure where to start? Fret not, our experienced consultants ensure your journey with us will be seamless and worry-free.


Our vision is to be an internationally-recognised, Singaporean brand of automotives known for its reliable products and seamless service.

As we move towards an increasingly connected, digital world, ABS believes in sustainable automotive solutions for the future, with a promise of a worry-free experience for our customers.


Our mission is to bring people places, reliably and surely.

We strive to propel the future of transportation in Singapore, by changing the way you and I interact with a seamless, safe and reliable ownership experience.

Our Gallery

Authorized sole distributor of the renowned Golden Dragon Bus, one of the top manufacturers in china. We offer a comprehensive range of vehicle services for all your needs, including insurance, financing, servicing and maintenance.

Connections between people and places

Why Choose Us?

At ABS, we start with providing Safe Connections; connecting people to places, safely and surely. But we go beyond that. With our extensive range of vehicles and in-house financing and leasing wing, we take pride in providing a Seamless Experience for our customers, taking into consideration all aspects of their journey with us.

We believe in the synergy created from Authentic Partnerships, working together as we move towards an increasingly connected, digital world of Sustainable Mobility.