Suzuki Spacia Base XF

Depreciation: -
Registration Date: 14-Sep-2023
Mileage: 0 km
Transmission: Auto
Engine Capacity: 658 cc cc
Road Tax: $ per year
Power: 150.0 kW: ( 201bhp)
Curb Weight: 1,650kg
Features: Day running light, auto fold mirror, LED headlight, auto headlight, Suzuki safety sensing, electric auto door, vacuum door.
Accessories: Passenger storage seat! Fold down rear seat! Heated seat for both passenger and driver! Portable moveable table or divider!
COE: $70,928
OMV: $15,218
No. of Owners: 1

Posted: 03-Jun-2024

Last Updated: 03-Jun-2024


Real unit. High specification unit! Actual unit! 660cc turbo charged engine! Auto CVT gearbox transmission! Come with many compartment! Auto sliding door and vacuum door! Full loan available! Flexible loan available! High trade in for your current vehicle!


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