Honda N-Van Turbo Style Fun Honda Sensing

Depreciation: -
Registration Date: 17-Oct-2023
Mileage: 0 km
Transmission: Auto
Engine Capacity: 658 cc cc
Road Tax: $ per year
Power: 150.0 kW: ( 201bhp)
Curb Weight: 1,650kg
Accessories: Color Availability: White, Black, Red, Yellow & Grey
COE: $70,940
OMV: $16,713
No. of Owners: 1

Posted: 03-Jun-2024

Last Updated: 05-Jul-2024


Free Life-time Servicing For every 10,000km Till vehicle is scrapped! worth of 20 Years! First Come First Serve! Completely new unit! 658cc with turbo! Sincere Business with No Hidden Charges! Low fuel consumption! Full tank only $50! Suitable for any types of business! Private use also can! Ready stock available! Book yours now today! Call me now for viewing/ test drive!


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