Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 CDI

Depreciation: -
Registration Date: 14-Sep-2018
Mileage: 0 km
Transmission: Manual
Engine Capacity: 1598 cc cc
Road Tax: $ per year
Power: 150.0 kW: ( 201bhp)
Curb Weight: 1,650kg
COE: $29,902
OMV: $28,138
No. of Owners: 1

Posted: 21-May-2024

Last Updated: 06-Jun-2024


Top up $168 only and we will cover your servicing until change of owner or scrap! 24hr towing service! Wear and tear done up! Healthy engine and gearbox. Plywood with carpet nicely done! Buy with peace of mind! Offer high trade in! Full loan available and 100% loan guaranteed approve, fast handover. Call now for viewing.


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