Toyota Dyna 150 3.0M

Depreciation: -
Registration Date: 08-Apr-2019
Mileage: 0 km
Transmission: Manual
Engine Capacity: 2982 cc cc
Road Tax: $ per year
Power: 150.0 kW: ( 201bhp)
Curb Weight: 1,650kg
COE: $27,010
OMV: $27,082
No. of Owners: 1

Posted: 28-Jun-2024

Last Updated: 09-Jul-2024


Best workhorse for heavy usage! 1 owner only, tip-top condition, healthy engine and gearbox! New paintwork freshly done, all wear and tear replaced, no repair needed! We take care your vehicle's maintenance till scrap! $168 Lifetime Servicing + 2 years warranty! 100% loan no problem! We offer highest trade in for your current vehicle! Call to secure this masterpiece now!


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