Golden Dragon Product


EV ABS Minibus

EV ABS Fridge

Golden Dragon 6107 A/T

Golden Dragon 6772 A/T

Golden Dragon 6112 A/T

Golden Dragon 6129 A/T

Why Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon shares a responsibility to make a better future for your life. As a national leading complete vehicle export base, Golden Dragon has 3 manufacture plants and approximately 4,000 employees with an annual capacity of more than 40,000 buses

  • Quality – Golden Dragon seek to offer high quality vehicle that meet its customers’ standards and specific demands
  • Suppliers Inspection – Suppliers are audited regularly to be qualified
  • 5S Quality Management – Set up in every workshop and technique document issued by technical centre gives the concrete direction
  • Testing Facilities – Applied to guarantee quality: wheel alignment instructment, rollover test and so on