From 13 May 2022 to 13 June 2022, we are giving our customers free 1 year insurance and 100% loan for all EV purchases.

Planning to switch to EVs?

These are some commercial EVs to meet your business needs.

Golden Dragon Electric Van

Golden Dragon electric van is powered by CATL battery, which is the best lithium battery in China. It has two doors sliding at 90°, and has a huge cargo space of 6.5M³.

BYD T3 Electric Van

BYD’s T3 Electric Van – Powered by BYD’s proprietary NCM battery with a capacity of 50.3kWh, it produces zero emissions and has up to 300km driving range on a single charge. It has a 3.8m3 cargo space and a 780kg payload.

DFSK EC35 Electric Van

DFSK EC35 has 4.8 m3 loading space, has a Max. Mileage can be 268kms which makes the drive cost very economical.